line of patterns at Hancock's

I went in today for the first time in months, to take advantage of the sale
on Christmas fabrics, more precisely, the cloth books to make for little
ones. A friend is a 1st time GM to 2 G'babies and another due in December,
plus DB/DSIL have the new DGD, age 6 months.
I saw the patterns(new to me) Taylor G for Hancock Fabrics patterns, has
anyone used them? There was a display of nice fabric next to them and cards
with some of the most beautiful buttons I've seen in a long time. Well, I
bought one pattern "Marine" to make and since the jacket shows 5 buttons, I
got a card of the buttons. It calls for a linen/linen-like fabric, but I
thought I'd make a muslin of cotton and if it turns out well, then do it in
light rose bengaline. Today's bengaline looks like, what we called silk
shantung in the old days.
Also.I was given a card and key tag with my customer # on it so I do not
need to have the address label from the mail-ads anymore.
Stop going into a store for a few months and you find all sorts of new
things going on. Yes, I did get two books to make, called "The Twelve Days
of Christmas for Children" to augment two+ I already have, "The Night Before
Christmas" and "Children's Christmas Carols". All my DGC have loved these
cloth books.
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Hi Emily, I didn't see the new patterns you are talking about...but I did stock up on some of their 1/2 price notions and thread. I was a bit wary of the key tag.....I NEVER took my address label in ever and was NEVER dropped from their list anyway. But, I guess they kept generating my name from paying with a credit card. Anyway, my thought on the key tag was that they could keep track of how many coupons you use.....which might not be good. Sometimes I borrow a coupon from a friend or my Mom if they are not using theirs.....but since they actually say "one per customer" they could keep track. So, I don't know if I am all that anxious to let them scan the tag. Joy
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Joy Hardie
Joy, I gave them the label when I first entered the store since the cashier wasn't busy, and got the card. Then, I didn't give it to them when they scanned what I bought. The notions I always buy when on sale are twin needles, size 4.0 in both regular and stretch because Hancock's is the only place I can find them and even there, sometimes they are out. Emily
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