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Hello everyone! I can't even remember when the last time I posted. I have been up to my eyebrows, and sometimes underneath the chaos that has always come with the end of the year and such.
Hubby has finished ALL of his college coursework, and the only thing we need to do now is get his final paperwork submitted and the check to pay for his audit and the printing of his degree and it will be all over....though he's making noises about going for his MBA...argh.
Thomas has been central to numerous run-ins with the school system. Not because he's been in trouble but because they want to remove his IEP, right before he starts middle school (when he needs all the support he can get), and before he has his evaluation to refute or support the provisional diagnosis of Asperger'sr!! Needless to say, I think hell froze over because Ken lost his temper and I was the calm one. They finally agreed that what I was saying made sense, and we will re-visit the IEP *after* the scheduled evaluation (not until April).
Rebekah spent Christmas break singing "all I want for Christmas is my *4* front teeth - she lost the center 4 within a few weeks....argh! However, while her adult teeth are coming in, they aren't exactly coming in where they are supposed to. So far, she has had 4 teeth pulled - all on the bottom - to help her adult teeth get where they need to be. Now that they are in, there's no room for any more, so there will more than likely be more extractions in the future, followed by braces. Fortunately, Thomas isn't looking like he'll need braces, and Bek isn't needing glasses right now, so they kind of balance each other out. I can't imagine how we'll cover 2 children with glasses and braces if that situation arises.
Me...well, I've rejoined Soldiers' Angels and will be making Blankets of Hope, alternating between personal projects and custom sewing and the blankets/quilts. I have cut back to 1 craft fair a year because I didn't make ANY money at the spring fair. I think it's okay as it gives me more time to make items for sale. I'm trying to lose weight again...only this time, Ken is working with me. We are hoping for a family vacation later this year
So...I'm still alive, but not online as much Larisa
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Long time. Well, I remember all the hassles with the school district over your son. Sounds like things haven't changed much. They seem to be one of a kind. I have a new students this semester with Aspergers and everyone is falling over themselves to help me and answer questions.
Ah, pulled teeth and braces. BTDT. I even had my upper jaw widened 1/2 inch in three weeks. Quite the experience all those years ago.
Congrats to the husband, and glad he lost his temper. His turn and it shows the school you're not alone or crazy, just caring.
Glad in the midst of it all you're still sewing. Such therapy as we all know.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
Welcome back! it has been a while! Amazing how quickly the calendar pages fly by any more.
With kids it's always something... teeth, glasses, broken arms until they move on to cars and college tuition!
Hope you are able to hang around a while. And stick to your guns on the IEP. With all the budget cuts in school districts, it is not uncommon (sadly) for some less than child-centered administrators to try to pull back services to save money. You'd be surprised how many parents just not and say okay. (after nearly 25 years as a parent of a special needs kiddo and about 5 years as an Early Intervention administrator... I've seen it all!)
Take care and stop back by often!!
Kate in MI
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Kate in MI
You sound madly busy! Glad you could stop in for an update.
My goodness! Adult teeth coming in! I remember when hat child was no more than a twinkle in her daddy's kneecaps! ;)
I think it ridiculous that you are STILL having to fight the system at every turn over Thomas. I am cynical enough not to be surprised. (Mind you, somone I know of had to go for a reassessment of his Disabled Living Allowance: as he asked them, did they expect ONE leg to have grown back, or BOTH?)
And well done to Ken on his degree finishing. Just the paperwork to do, and then he's home and dry on that one. My bro did an Open University degree while working, and finally finished it off after being made redundant!
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Steven - ouch! not sure if *I* could handle her having her jaw widened...She's just a little thing, after all {sigh} Also glad that hubby finally showed his butt (so to speak) and let the "team" know that we weren't going to be pushed around...and we were NOT leaving that room until we got what we wanted!!
Kate in MI - yes, I know it's always something...lol. Just when we seem to have one "crisis" settled, another one pops up. Right now, it's DD having nightmares on a recurring, yet seemingly unexplained basis. HOWEVER...I reminded hubby that this is her pattern when she's having a serious growth spurt. While I'm glad she's growing, it kind of sucks since she just got new clothes for Christmas...hopefully she got enough "slightly too big" that they will fit her once she's on the other side of this growth spurt. Ken is driving me bonkers now that he's done with his degree....he says he's lost without something to do after dinner each night - I told him to pick one of the many projects that need doing and get to it....he's playing computer games {sigh}
Kate XXXXXX - I know!! In fact, I just read the post that Karen put up when Rebekah had just been born!!! Where in the world has the last 7 years gone??!!?? And to make things even worse (for me), she has inherited some of my jewelry from when I was a tween/early teen...the rings fit on her thumb right now, but yikes!! I expect to have to continue to fight the schools until he's in high school. By then, I'm hoping he will have learned that it isn't a bad thing to stand up for yourself - just do it in a non-physical way. He's going to be going for his Jr. Black Belt (we are hoping) later this month...and Rebekah should also be testing on the same day for her yellow belt....this is something we would LOVE to have family here to witness, but...we shall see.
Well...HAD to touch base....working on meal plans so that I don't have to worry about them for a while, which means that otmorrow, I can get back to sewing without anything else weighing on my mind...WOOHOO!!!
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It's nice to hear from you again. My daughter's mouth was too small for all of her teeth so she had several pulled before she started wearing her braces. She had all her wisdom teeth cut out just before her Freshman year in high school. She is 41, and has never had a cavity.
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Sherry Starr
Well, widening was really not that bad, and I was in the 7th grade. A device with two halves, attached to two teeth on each side of the upper jaw, connected by a screw. Each morning and night I put a wire in a hole in the front and pushed it to the back. Widening happened 1/4 mm at a time. A bit of pressure for about 10 minutes. Really not that bad, and I have NOOOOO pain tolerance. I'm a wuss. After three weeks it was locked and the bone grew for three weeks and all done. Then the braces. Six years total of stuff. The worse part to me was the 14 teeth pulled total over the years, before (third grade), during and after (adult, wisdom teeth) to make it all work. What we didn't know in the beginning is that Novacaine take about 2 hours to numb me, and those first teeth came out in 20 minutes. Ouch!
I'm a thorn in the side of the my fellow Sped teachers as well. After all, they write up the plan but I'm the one implementing the plan and it is the student and I working together. The students and I together can often make their days less than wonderful.
Hang in there
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
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Both my kids had their jaws widened. It really wasn't a big deal for them. It was harder on me! I had a fear of dropping the little "key" down their throats until I tied a string around it! DD was in high school when we did hers. The traumatic part was that it was done over the summer and she went back to school with a gap between her front teeth the width of a pencil! There were a lot of comments and she was embarrassed. They move back together quickly however. She did her own "cranking" so I was relieved of the duties. :-)
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