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First of all I want to say "hello" to everybody. I have been okay just
relaxing. I have one more surgery to go on my reconstruction. That should
take place the end of the Summer. On my sewing machine Janome 6600 as I
lift the pressure foot up it will beep...The bobbin has thread so it's not
that. Can anybody tell me my old machine I had before this never talked
back to me...hehehehe!!
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Have a look at your manual Pami. Mine had little sounds for a lot of things. Somewhere I found how to 'turn the sound off' (it stays for things you *need). I know the 6500 is different from the 6600 in many respects, so perhaps it doesn't have that; but read through the manual and see if it is there. Leslie might know? . In message , Pami writes
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Mine will beep at me if I try to lift the presser foot before the thread cutter is absolutely, completely done with its job.
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