Lavender Love Quilt (renamed Blue Gold Love)

Hello All,
Well I finished all my hot pads, think there were 17 hot pads made. I
was going through some of my stash fabrics and found two fabrics that wer
e the same design but just different background colors and got the idea of
making another Lavender Love quilt which I made a few months ago. It is no
t hard to do because their are only two blocks. There is a picture you can
see if you follow these steps or maybe Brian can do his magic. You will ha
ve to type the whole line in below, I think because my computer does not un
derline it all.

Go to:
formatting link

Once there scroll down to:
Lavender Love Quilt Pattern Quiltmaker May/June 2016-Pinterest
Then open. Think it is the first quilt shown.
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Hello All, Forgot to say that if anyone wants to make this quilt, I will copy them a set of instructions from Quiltmaker magazine. You would have to give me some name/address to send it to. Sandy$
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...maybe Brian can do his magic...
Is this it:
formatting link
with the pattern available for purchase at:
formatting link
(that was where the link on the page sent me, even though on one page they called it "Lavender Love," and on the other they called it "Lavender Fields"
No magic involved - I cut the words "Lavender Love Quilt" or whatever the quilt is called and usually (every time, actually, I think) the first or second result has been the correct quilt.
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Brian Christiansen
Hello Brian, This is the correct quilt and thanks for coming to my rescue once again. This is the second time I have made this quilt. It is best to use small print material in two colors of the same print because of the way the pieces are cut. Are you going to send us a picture of your quilt that you are repairing. Hope it turns out ok. You are pretty brave to attempt it, don't think I could do it, although I use to watch my grandmother repair quilts. Sandy$
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