OK I'm ordering pizza...

The kitchen curse is upon us.
It is DH's night to cook.
He is a really excellent cook too.
First he started making ice cream for dessert. The custard curdled.
So he jumped to a simple no egg recipe, and lo and behold the top to the
ice cream maker had gone walk about. We still haven't found it.
Then he said heck with it, I'll make supper and we can go to Friendly's
for sundaes.
Except the sambal paste he made for the vegetarian sambal is missing.
Just vanished from the fridge.
So he said fine! I'll make red beans and rice, even
though I'll have to use canned beans.
Can we find a single can of red beans? We should have a completely
unopened case of them. Not one tin to be found anywhere.
OK then, there is a bowl of leftover boiled potatoes in the fridge, egg
and chips it is. Make that eggs and toast because the potatoes are half
gone, somebody must have been very very hungry when he got home from
school. He probably ate them with sambal paste.
DH is frying the first batch of eggs, and goes to turn over two at once
because the whites have cooked together. Shouldn't be a problem, he can
do that in his sleep. Except this time one egg undergoes "saucer
seperation", flies off like a denatured UFO embryo, and crash lands on
the floor. Everyone else has fled the kitchen, and by the time DH gets
the egg on the floor cleaned up, the one in the pan has cooked into a
rubbery novelty item such as you might buy from the back of a comic book
in 1970.
I am taking over supper and ordering pizza before the poor beleaguered
man dies of frustration. Or sets the kitchen afire which is undoubtedly
the next disaster on the horizon.
I have put brandy in his coffee and made him sit down.
I do have some sense of self-preservation.
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We had that kind of beginning. The electricity blinked and dithered, the paper boy didn't come and the phone went out. Not wanting to truly know if bad things come in 3's or 4's, I went back to bed. Here in the Swamp, if two butterflies happen by at the same time we know the power will go out. We've never been really sure why the paper delivery guy has the courage to come in here anyway . . . but A T & T charges us so much you'd think they would feel some sort of obligation to at least have the phone lines working. I may just get shed of A T & T. They won't notice but at least I won't feel like a wimpy victim. Polly
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Polly Esther
Oh, my it sounds like several of us had "that kind of a Monday". When I walk in to work I usually say "Have a marvelous Monday" to the rent-a-cops on guard duty, and add "Hope it doesn't become maniac Monday" Yesterday it did.
Ginger in CA
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Ginger in CA
Wow, you have really irritated your nisse! maybe the sambal upset his tummy or something. time to put out an offering of beer and porridge. Roberta in D
On Tue, 07 Jun 2011 01:47:55 +0000, NightMist wrote:
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My dear if I put out commercial American beer for the spirits they will no doubt be _really_ annoyed!
Since the price of honey has gotten outrageous and as a result I have not been able to make braggot, we shall start with a plate of jam and see how it goes from there. Most spirits are powerfully fond of jam.
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