Indian summer here!

Highest temperature measured ever here (North west coast, Norway)!!!
The "normal" is around 8*C (46,4*F)
Today nearly 25*C (77*F)!!!!
And it is blowing.
It is wonderful, but a bit scary too.
A little boy at school told me:
You know this warm wind has blown all over the ocean
from USA, they have had a terrible storm, remember!
Our wind is not a storm at all, but these unnormal
temperatures... I guess they are "man made" !
But may be we should enjoy, sit out on the terrace and sip
to a glass of white wine, to celebrate the week end!
Have a good week end all of you!
AUD ;-))
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Hi Aud,
Wow, that is unusal for this time of year. It's crazy weather all over the world. We haven't had a frost or freeze yet, close to it, but none yet.
You too, enjoy your weekend.
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I just stepped outside the back door with the dogs for a second and it feels like we're having another round of Indian Summer weather here too. I have no idea what the temperature is out there, but it is a LOT warmer than it has been in a few days. What a glorious day! :o)
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Hallo AUD !! Here the weather is also strange , at night we have cooler temps than suddenly they rise higher than mormal to this time ,,,, we alread had some Good rains, and expect more, Over History rains here have had cycles [ almost like the biblical ones ] 7-10 years of good trains , than several years 7-10 of almost tottal draught. We planted trees that strangely enough made for more rains,,, we reuse water in many goos ways we didstil water , but we also pullut water, Rivers the small ones we have are enclosed and pumped and controlled by people, And maybe this to add to the harm , we all do to this globe.. thus i plant trees and shrubs that add to life, don`1 need much water, i have no grass in my yard ,,I put out Bowels for [street] cats and birds . Seeing the birds wash daily in my water bowls is a joy and some way to return something to nature. mirjam
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Mirjam Bruck-Cohen
In article ,
It's said that planting enough trees will change local weather micro-climates and bring rain to a parched area. After a while they no longer need to be watered because they bring water. But they have to be watered until they form a forest big enough to affect moisture patterns.
The Sahara used to be grassland during the thousands of years of heavy rain after the last Ice Age. The old river beds can still be seen in satellite photos. Climate change happened many times without our causing it.
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Richard Eney
On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:17:51 +0200, "Aud" wrote:
That's so strange - Here in "sunny" Italy, we have grey skies and 14 C (57 F). Even that is a bit warm for this time of year.
Our town is having its famous Halloween festival this weekend. People come from all over Italy and other European countries for this festival. They think it's an American custom, but I've never seen anything like this in the US. The whole town is turned into a giant fun house, with ghosts and witches and cauldrons and spider webs. Plus music and food and beer, and it lasts for four days. Where I lived in the US, Halloween lasted about 3 hours and it was mostly little kids who paid any attention to it. If you lived in a neighborhood where there weren't many little kids, you might forget it was Halloween.
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B Vaugha
In article , B
Barbara, It is getting more and more in vogue here to to make a big thing out of Halloween. It are the parents now that are looking for fancy custumes, to go the very fancy and crazy halloween parties, but I have not yet seen who towns go Hallabaloo yet.
Have fun and hang onto your hat.
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Els van Dam
Our town puts on a Haunted House at the fairgrounds... mostly for kids and teens, but still... it's kind of neat that they do it. Definitely nothing as spectacular as Barbara mentioned in Italy though. ;o)
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No , it is not ,,,, We have our own `carnaval` in Purim , when we celebrate the saving of the Jews from the hands of Haman in Persia , by queen Esther. There are some commercial companies who try to pull Haloween in here as well ,,,,, but to no success ..... [for the time being ???? ]/ I also noted over the Years that it is slowly finding place in Belgium , where you never used to see it so many years ago, and the last years you see a shop here and there `dressed up ` for Haloween .. mirjam
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Mirjam Bruck-Cohen
On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 13:00:32 -0700, (Els van Dam) wrote:
We more or less stay at home during the festival. We went out to eat there last night just to show a little support for the young people who work so hard to put it together. I saw the president of our local tourist association, who is about 25 years old, bussing tables.
If we go out in the car, we might have trouble getting home again. Last year they had to close one of the exits of the autostrada because cars were backed up from our town to that exit, 20 km away. They run shuttle busses from nearby towns. You must remember that our town is a medieval walled town, which doesn't have a lot of parking space.
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B Vaugha
"Yarn Forward" skrev i melding news:J239f.7$
I believe you are right, sorry to say! Aud, who today has plantet 100 tulip-bulbs (is that right word?) bought in Amsterdam! Warm wind and temperatures better than many summer days here! Aud ;-)
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"B Vaughan" skrev i melding news:
Halloween is not celebrated here i Norway traditionally, but the last years,is has been "fashion" among children. I think, as Mirjam says, there are lots of comercial interests in it.
I am a bit sorry for that, If we first shoud celebrate it, it should appeal to he children's creativity, not to their parents wallet. There are lots of shops that sells everything they need, and also things they easily, and much better, could have made themselves!
This year there was not so much talk about it at school. I wonder, since it is not a tradition here, it might have less interest over time.
As I told Cristine in a mail(we are 6x6 partners) we have had our first LUTEFISK dinner, OUR tradition for autumn. It has, of course no religious or mystic origin, it is just a token that the winter is nearly here!
Here you can see what it is, click on the numbers, and you can see and read. It is a strange course, but we love it. I am not sure many of you would like it, I think you have to be used to it!
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