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I've been throwing in a great studio in north Phoenix (Desert Dragon
Pottery) but we will be leaving Arizona late this spring. There is a
possibilty that we will be spending 3-6 months traveling the west coast
before returning home the the Los Angeles area. My question to everyone is
Do you know of any studios in Oregon, Washington, and California (especially
when we get home to the the San Fernando Valley or just west of there -
Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas, etc.) where there are studios where I
could rent some time?
I've looked online for studios in the north and northwest Los Angeles area
and I haven't really found anything promising. We'll be buying a home later
this year, at which point I'll be setting up my own full studio so I won't
have to worry about this any more.
Any help would be REALLY appreciated!
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