OT A Different Thanksgiving Dinner

Contrary to all my plans, my DH ended up cooking our Thanksgiving
dinner. He made some very nice, extra lean hamburgers, which he served
on his freshly baked homemade, whole wheat bread with Heinz ketchup. He
also made a delicious salad of Romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and
avocados, capers and his homemade balsamic vinaigrette. It may not
sound like much, but it was all made with quality ingredients and
absolutely delicious :-).
On Wednesday we had gone out to get some supplies for the dinner that I
had planned. Unfortunately for me, I had a minor accident (car related,
but not a car crash), which resulted in a badly bruised arm. DH took me
to a nearby urgent care facility, where they took x-rays & thought I did
not break any bones. Never-the-less they splinted the arm & sent me to
an orthopedist for an expert reading of the x-rays. Happily we were
able to get in to see one that afternoon, but in a different city. The
doctor verified it was just a bruise, so I was able to remove the
splint; but the arm was too badly bruised for me to cook. We ended up
spending 4-5 hours at the two doctor offices and pharmacy. I'm just
glad that it wasn't worse than that.
I hope that you all had a safe & happy Thanksgiving day, regardless as
to whether you celebrated it as such, or not :-).
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Bev in TX
Take very gentle kind care of that bruise, Bev. So glad it was 'only' a bruise but methinks some bruises are slower to heal than fractures. Did they send you home with a list of do's and dont? Ice?, heat? anti-inflammatory? Polly
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Polly Esther
Yes, I'm on an anti-inflammatory, and I'm supposed to ice it through today. The orthopedist suggested that I wear the splint for a few days to protect it from being bumped, though I don't have to wear it all the time, which is nice.
It is somewhat better, but I still have to take it easy. Poor DH is stuck doing all of the cooking for a few days.
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Bev in TX
I do hope you're feeling better, Bev, and taking it easy. I prescribe no cooking, ironing or vacuuming for the next 4 weeks.... sounds like your DH will help you out with that one. (!)
Our turkey wasn't ready to collect until noon on Thursday, and that would have meant eating after the baby was in bed. I made an executive decision (I love those) to simply postpone Turkey Day until Friday... which was good since we took the baby to hospital last night when his fever/diarrhea/unwellness developed a body-wide rash to go with it. Apparently he is fine, and simply experiencing his first viral infection. He felt much better today, and ate an enormous amount of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots and even half of my piece of pumpkin pie! Making up for lost time over the last 4 days no doubt....
-- Jo in Scotland
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Jo Gibson
Poor baby! I'm so glad to hear that he is recovering so well :-). From your vivid description, I can almost see him gobbling down all of that food :-). I hope you did not get too tired out from the trip to the ER.
My DH already does all the vacuuming; I'm 100% certain that he will not go near an iron :-). He's a good cook, as he has excellent judgment on what herbs/spices match which foods. I don't know that he could keep me away from the kitchen that long though :-). If nothing else, I'll be ready to make another batch of soy yogurt tomorrow. It doesn't seem to last very long around here :-).
Bev in TX
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Bev in TX
Poor Tristan! Glad he is on the mend.
Talk about a "different" T/giving! My family in NY always have the traditional "turkey day", great food, sit-down dinners, grace, watch the Macy's parade, and either football for the guys, or a great new movie. this year...at the DIL's family (my DS's in laws)...buffet...no grace....and football alllllll daaaay looong. Didn't know but a hand full of the 40 or so people, so DD & SIL & I left early. DD had to work at 3AM so we had a legit excuse, but it just didn't feel like Thanksgiving.
I guess I'll have to get DS to host it next year.
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amy in SoCal
Bev. That vegetarian dinner menu I sent you is appropriate at any time. Heal thyself and then have at it, no mater the calendar date. Get well soon. John
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Thanks John. I do plan on making those delicious sounding recipes when I get better.
Bev in TX
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Bev in TX

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