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I had a 50% off coupon that was expiring on the 3rd so I went in that day. They had some fabric that I wanted on sale. But when I gave the coupon to the girl cutting the fabric she rang it up at regular price and said that with a coupon it automatically prices at regular price, that I can't get the sale price with a coupon. I told her that I had done it in the past and she refused to give me the sale price with the coupon. I was ticked. She was rather rude too. The only problem is, there just aren't many fabric stores worth anything around where I live so my choices are pretty limited to JoAnns and Walmart.
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When an item is on sale, you can either use the sale price, or the coupon price. You can't use the coupon price on top of the sale price.
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That's the way all the JoAnns in my area work too.
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Pauline O'Connell
I've never known JoAnn's or Hancock's to give the 50% off on a sale item unless it is clearly stated on the coupon that it is for all fabrics, notions, etc. Most of them have a statement somewhere on them saying, "Not good on sale priced items." or "On regular price only." If I decide to buy a sale item, I figure which is the best price, regular with 50% off or the sale price. Emily
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Every time somebody buys sale fabric at my local JoAnns and tries to use the coupon, they tell them the same thing. The reason is that it would be giving a "double discount" which isn't allowed. If something is on sale for 30% off and you want to use the 50% coupon, you will get 50% off the regular price...just the way it has always worked..even from the days when I worked at JoAnns (years ago, it seems)
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And I just figured out why I got the sale price then the 50% off the last time. I have only used a coupon for fabric one time before this. It was priced at the sale price when it was cut but I used the coupon when I got to the register. I didn't know at the time that I was supposed to give the coupon to the person cutting the fabric so they could adjust the price there. So I got it at sale price then 50% off. When I spoke to the clerk about it this time, it just didn't click with me that it would be like a double discount. Yeah it should have, I know, lol. But well in my old age what can I say. Anyway, thank you all for pointing this out to me. I will know better the next time.
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Thanks : ) The 'owner' of the Viking part has another store here in town---lets say I get 'more' from driving up to Fresno Viking dealer than here. Sides when we go up to Fresno.....I get to have lunch with the King Of Fresno : ) Still shopping--had a nice demo on the Pfaff Quilt Expression last week--didn't get back there yet. Not looking for the embroidery stuff per se--never really used them that much on the other Viking Butterfly (Queen of Fresno)
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