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My sister just started sewing her first quilt and her Singer machine broke!
She would like a good, basic sewing machine to replace it. She does not need
fancy stitches or fancy anything else. What do you suggest? Thank you in
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I would suggest that she visit some of the local sewing machine/quilt shops and see what they have available in trade ins.
One that is a little fancy -- is the Janome 6600 -- I don't have it but everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) that I know that does swears by it for quilting. I have an older Pfaff 2030 that is a real workhorse that is wonderful.
Most important is that there are a few features she wants to be sure she has.... I'll start the list and others will add to it, I'm certain.
Features that are "must-haves":
Needle Down position Reverse option Largest Harp (I think that is what it is called -- the opening in the middle of the machine - if she plans to actually machine quilt her projects -- every little bit here is really helpful!) A 1/4" foot available A walking foot (some machines have it built in -- others it is a separate foot).
Okay -- I'll let others add to the list. And they'll probably add some other things to watch for, too.
My only other suggestion is for her to go into the shop, sit down at any machine and sew on it for a bit. See if it is somewhat "intuitive" for her? is it quiet enough? does she like the stitch it sews?
I hope she finds one she really loves!
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Kate in MI
I suggest a higher quality basic mechanical for a starter. That said with the 7700 Janome coming out the 6600's should be at low prices. The 6500 should be at really give away prices too at this point. If I had started sewing on a 6600 I would be posting on a stained glass or cooking group instead of quilting. It is just not as user friendly as a mechanical imo. Actually FW's and 301's are excellant easy starter machines that work well for classes later if she moves up to a more specialty machine. There are a zillion beautiful quilts pieced on those. Good luck to sis with her new endeavor. Taria
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I agree with what Kate said, especially about trying out the machine.
When our counseling secretary asked me, Viking or Bernina, I told her I like Viking, but she needed to try both out to see what SHE liked. I also told her, take her own material, quilt sandwich, etc., that she typically sewed on. Of course the store would supply what their machine sewed on best to try to impress her and make a sale.
Tell them to go away for 10-15 minutes so she can just sew, try to fiigure things out herself to see what machien is intutive for her.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
A newer Singer I presume? she might want to get a really ooooold Singer, pre-1960-ish. Nothing fancy, but as near immortal as any object can be. I have 2, at least as old as I am (definitely pre-1960), and both work beautifully and make perfect stitches. Roberta in D
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Trixie, here's a good FAQ to ponde, "What Sewing Machine Should I buy?"
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