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Hey guys, I know you haven't heard from me for forever - but I just
had to share with you.....
Today I inherited my ex-mother-in-law's Singer e-600 Touch and Sew
sewing machine! I think the "crew" that lived in my ex-in-laws house
for a while after they passed, have either claimed or lost all of the
attachments for it - I know for a fact my mother-in-law kept it
meticulously and everything was neat and tidy in one box. Who knows,
maybe eventually that box will show up but for right now, I am just SO
grateful to have inherited this machine. Lots of memories. Good
ones. Of she and I sewing together, making crafts, sewing little
clothes for my daughter when she was still a "little one".....
anyway, I just had to share with friends that I knew would appreciate
this occasion.
missing you all,
Tina, in Katy, TX
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Tina, congratulations! The 600s were the last of the all-metal, gear-driven Singer machines, which stopped right around the 620 models, when Singer started using nylon gears. Enjoy your 'new' treasure!
On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 15:50:18 -0700 (PDT), Tina wrote:
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What a precious inheritance, and I *do* appreciate and understand how you treasure it. I have my mom's too.
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Lovely to hear from you again Tina.
I'm sure your ex-MIL would be so pleased that her machine has gone to a home where it will be loved and appreciated. Here's hoping that the attachments re-appear and are recognised as belonging to the machine.
How are you, and how's the quilting going?
Sally at the Seaside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uk
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Sally Swindells

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