Singer machine -again

Dear ones, my DD1 wants to buy a machine of her own and sent me the
following email:
Dear Mom,

I'm thinking of buying a Singer 500A "Slant-o-Matic" from 1960(ish I
think). It is gear-driven and apparently quite loud, but also stable
at low speeds which would be good for me :)

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If the seller has all the parts, should I buy it? Is it worth it?
So what do you think? Anybody own a machine like this?
Roberta in D
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It's a Rocketeer! They can be a bit temperamental, and not as good at the stitching as some of their others, but I'd have it like a shot for the superb styling alone! Me want...
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The listing is gone but a 500 or 503 are great machines. Another one for her to watch for that is very similar is a 400 or 403. Taria
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I have one of these along with a 401 (3 of these actually), and a 503. They should not be loud, none of mine is loud they all just purr right along. Maybe the gears are in desperate need of lubrication? They all have metal gears and those gears use a special Singer lube that comes in a small tube and is sold just about everywhere you find sewing notions.
I really love these old Singers but I actually do most of my sewing on a Kenmore from the 1970s. Although I do most of my piecing on a Singer 301A and most of my quilting on either that machine or another even older Kenmore.
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Judie in Penfield NY

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