sweet break -- microwave snack cake

I'm sure you have all seen those single-serving "bowls" of cake to
make in the microwave. They're pretty good, but rather expensive.
Well, I had a spare cake mix sitting around, and decided to see if I
could make my own snack cake, and it's delicious! It's also very
easy, and inexpensive. All you do is mix a half cup of the cake mix
with a quarter cup of water, put it into a smallish microwave
container, and nuke it on High for a minute and a half. Yeah, the
cake mix says you need to add eggs, oil, and water, but for this you
don't! This is easy, delicious, quick, and very low cost, and you can
make several from a single cake mix. What a great little break from
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No eggs or oil? That would make it really lowfat. I love cake,but have to avoid fat. I"m going to try this. Thanks for sharing!
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Is it gooey when done or does it need icing?
Debra in VA See my quilts at
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oh Cindy, you're bad, so very very bad!! i do wish you folks would stop with the cake talk tho, its dinner time here and i dont have a cake mix in the house. and i'm huuuuuuuuuuungry, its not fair. jeanne
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It's not gooey and does not need icing. It's nice and moist, and absolutely delicious just as it is! (Of course, you could eat it with a scoop of ice cream on the side . . . )
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You couldn't have posted your 'recipe' at a better time! We have strawberries and more strawberries and more strawberries! So, I fixed one of your snack cakes, split it between DH and I, piled on strawberries, a little Splenda/sugar blend and plain yogurt. Yummy!
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Donna Aten

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