wedding ring pattern?

I'm looking for a wedding ring quilt pattern. My mom just found a box of
pieces she cut out "years" ago.... She used a cardboard pattern that says to
cut 1062 of this. 500 of that. I would love to use the pieces but was
wondering if there is an undated pattern out there. She has a couple
"blocks" already together so I really want to stick to the wedding ring.
Thanks for any help. Brenda in MD
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Is this a double wedding ring? You just need to work from the pieces you have for the pattern. While they may appear to be the same there are lots of variances in the arcs and the shape of the circle. If you don't have all the patterns just carefully mark or cut apart and use the pieces already together. MAny quilt books have basics for putting them together. I have copies of the MOuntain Mist and the old McCall's magazine patterns. If those might be of help give me a holler. Taria
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If you decide it's too much for you, I know of someone who wants to do a double wedding ring...hint...hint...
-- Lady Cynthia, Royal Musicmaker
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, once you get over the hill,you'll begin to pick up speed.
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Yes you are right Taria. I just finished a king sized DWR and I swear it took me 3 weeks just to cut out all the pieces. I think the only "short-cut" for this particular pattern, would be to appliqué the pieces unto squares of fabric as opposed to sewing the arcs unto reversed shaped pieces.
But hang in there and enjoy the process. It's not a quick quilt to make, but well worth the work once it's finished.
Cheri On Vancouver Island, Canada.
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Walt & Cheri Carroll

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