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OT A New Reason to Sing in the Shower
I generally sing in the shower, and the kitchen, and my studio, and just ab out anywhere I happen to be. Well it has been a wet summer so far, and I am more than a bit allergic to mold. So my chest is...
4 years ago 1
This quilt is from Quick Quilts, April/May 2014 and a quick one for su re. I used left over scraps. Was not happy with the size, so made the cente r rectangles rows longer and wider and adjusting the...
4 years ago 5
OT still sewing
I am planning on taking some stuff to the Christmas craft fair this year. Bunch of toys, the dolls I had a blast making, some animals that came out o f my knitting frenzy. The half a bajillion jumping...
4 years ago 3
The Big Move
I will not be posting for a while because I am moving within the city of Pocatello, Idaho, 1 of next month. Just didn't want you all to be concerned about what happened to me. Maybe we should all move...
4 years ago 1
The designwall - help please
Hi all, I would like to know what is the best material to use for such a wall - would a flannelette sheet be alright? I am setting up a new sewing room (which does not have my computer and and all my...
4 years ago 3
Misc. Sewing Projects/Half Square Quilt
I did finish the Emerald Wave chevron quilt. Been trying to use up my left overs here and there. I have three dog/cat mats started and waiting t o get some thin batting for centers. I had extra blocks...
4 years ago 2
Need instructions for Bucilla, Noah's Ark #64005 Special Edition Baby Quilt!
Need the instructions for Bucilla Special Edition Stamped Tied Quilt top#640005. Have a list of thread needed but no please!!! Your project appears to be a cross stitch pattern. You...
4 years ago 3
Scarlet Serenade
I have finally gotten around to this pattern and I have done the block 3 times and every one is 10 1/4 inches. I have tried batting and without batting still the same. If I continue will all the...
5 years ago
wanted materials and all colors of sewing threads etc.
I am in need of sewing material, scraps , all colors of threads elastic ribbon any width buttons and so on free am making clothing , stuffed toys,quilts for the needy, homeless who lost everything in...
5 years ago
"sea silk", aka byssus from Sardinia
I doubt this stuff is ever going to feature in a quilt, but it's the most remarkable story about a textile craft I've read in a long time: I like the way it is not a commodity. A lot us treat our...
5 years ago
My Scrappy Quilt
I just started this quilt because I saw a picture of it in a magazine, so with no pattern I graphed it. It is a very simple quilt. Will try to ex plain how it is made and you can make any size. 1st a...
5 years ago
Quilting Board
I have just signed up to Quilting and wonder if others here belong to this same board and what do they think about it. I belonged to this group a few years ago but stopped.
5 years ago
Repairing a quilt
My philosophy of quilting is that it is both a fine art and a practical art. The fine art portion is that I think even a "stash buster" quilt should somewhat be coordinated in the colors/patterns...
5 years ago 5
Those Flying Geese
Hello All, I did some testing on making flying geese. I first used 3 7/8th and fo und the line did not match on the geese wing piece's so you do have to use 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and etc. I also tried...
5 years ago 5
Hot Pads and more
Had computer problems last Sunday and google made me open a new accou nt with new user name and password or I could not get into my e-mail, think the same thing happened last year about this same...
5 years ago 4