Handi Quilter Sixteen clamps

Does anyone know where I can get a set of the 4 clamps used to hold the brackets to the table for this quilting system? Thanks.
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Alexandra K

If you mean the things in this picture
formatting link

they're a standard item in bargain-hardware-stuff shops in the UK. It usually costs a pound for a packet of them, how many to the packet depending on the size of the clamp (from 1 to 8). So you should be able to get them for half Handi Quilter's price.
I use a pair of them, clamped to a table with a few inches of bungee in between, to hold my greatbass recorder upright when I'm playing it in pubs (or rather, when I'm not playing it). And I use lots of different sizes as gluing clamps.
The swivelling plastic bits at the tips tend to fall off. They could be better made.
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