does anyone know this fabric (and where to get it)?

Hi all
I just saw a MUST HAVE fabric over at ebay (yes, I'm bidding on it)
and I would really really like some more of this. Does anyone know
this fabric (manufacturer, designer, name of the line, etc., etc.) and
a good online source for it?
Thanks so much!
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I have a piece, about 3 meters, with very similar snowmen, pale blue background. Only snowmen, no text, houses or mittens :-) There's no name on the selvedge, just the color dots and the initials "MS". Maybe that means something to somebody. Claudia, if you would like this piece, just let me know. It's been sitting in my stash for quite a while! Roberta in D
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Roberta Zollner
Just looking at that fabric, I would say it's a Debbie Mumm fabric. You could search the online quilt shops for "snowmen". I bought some fabric almost identical to that at WalMart last week. It's a nice, heavier fabric- not your typical 'WalMart fabric' at all and it's just as nice after washing it. You might try looking at WalMart and see if you like theirs.
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Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.

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