Anyone have patterns for craft covers?

I see different covers for the cricut, cuttlebug, xyrons etc for sale and
they are not cheap especially if you have several tools/machines. I have a
sewing machine and lots of fabric but I have never made anything other than
a pillow and a pillowcase. I want to try to make a cover and was wondering
if anyone had a pattern.
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Scout Lady
Have you posted on the cricut message board? At one time there was a lady on there that would email you the pattern if you asked for it. I bought my cricut cover for no more then $10 with shipping from a person on the cricut board sorry don't recall her name and I think it would have been less if I mailed her the fabric of my choice but I had her use the fabric from her stash and I got a pretty purple one with butterflies I was very pleased. Sorry can't be more help.
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Googled and found this....may fit the bill :) You may need to log on to view though.
formatting link
are not cheap
of fabric but I
make a cover and
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