Been sick since Monday!!

Hi Everyone,
It has been really challenging the past couple of months and now I have
been sick for the past week!! My DS 2-1/2 now has a fever for the past 3
Sorry that I have not posted lately and I hope everyone is doing well.
I wanted to pop my head in and say HELLO to everyone and to wish all a Happy
Healthy Holiday and New Year!
Now I will get back to my Kleenex and Vicks nose!! LOL
God Bless,
Dorothy in NY
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Poor you, I swear despite what Dave says, that I am NOT responsible for everyone who reads my posts getting sick!
Seriously Dorothy, sure hope you and the little one feel better soon!
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Oh poor you Dorothy! I'm sorry you're not feeling good and the little one is sick, too. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
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Deb in AR
Same here. Who here sneezed on my keyboard? I currently have a really naughty masculine voice going on. Five days of misery and counting. Now youngest dd is coughing, and sneezing. Now you know what it takes to shut me up.
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Shame Jessie! That's the only "nice" thing when I have the flu - that husky Hope you and dd feel better soon!
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So you're the reason everyone has gotten sick! I knew there had to be a reason! Course now that I've seen you in person maybe I'll get well now....heeeheehee, hugs
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sorry you are not feeling well.I have been lucky and keeping my fingers crossed so we don't catch this bug. Hope you are feeling better . Lin in NY
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Oh Dorothy, I wish this cold wasn't so contagious. Seems like nobody is immune. I lost my voice the first day. Quite a challenge to be a parent and not be able to squeak out a sound. Hope you all feel better soon.
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King's Crown
Hi, Dorothy.
I hope both of you get well soon!!!! I haven't been posting much myself so don't feel to bad.
Lots of hugs and sending buch of get well wishes your way!
--Tammy in TX 55 pages done in 2004 30 cards done in 2004
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