best Cricut cartridges prices?

Ok I am being lazy and dont want to do a search...I am asking you all
if you know of any good sites with good prices to purchase Cricut
cartridges and cutting mats from? Thanks! :)
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Linda C
i just go to ebay you can get them for about half you can get new or used and really the used ones aren't any cheraper there than new so i got new. i got opposites attract font for $30 it was $79 in the store. good luck with your search. i haven't looked at mats yet.
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Here is a site I ordered Cuttlebug stuff from. This site is on Facebook and people have really good things to say about it.
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I check around. I got several of mine last time from they had several on sale. I bought 7 from them.
I also have an order coming today from for 4 cartridges I got there. The Elmo's party has been real high up in the $60's. I got it there cheap.
Love Struck Cricut Seasonal Cartridge = $19.99 Paisley Cricut Cartridge = $35.00 Elmo's Party Cricut Cartridge = $35.00 Jasmine Cricut Cartridge = $25.00 has them for $31 ea this week I believe... that is LOW..... grab'um
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