Hello I'm new

Hi everyone I'm Rebecca and live in the U.K. I have just joined and am
new to scrapbooking and just wanted to say hello to everyone.
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Hello Rebecca. It's great to see new faces. Join in anytime. I believe we have someone else from UK. Marilyn aren't you from there?
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Welcome Rebecca...I live in central Scotland so it is nice to see a new peeps show up from the UK. :) Look forward to getting to know you and seeing your layouts (LO's)
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Sure am Shannon.....nice to see another new member pop up on RCS from the UK. Wonder what happened to Klara? Haven't seen any post from her in ages.
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Welcome to the group. New faces always mean new ideas to share. Don't forget to check out our website at:
formatting link

Sandy from Southern Indiana
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Hey Rebecca welcome to the group. Im Shaz from Oz. and though i dont post much these days I have been reading RCS for about hmm 4 years :o). Its a great group with lots of interesting things to keep you reading forever :o) Shaz
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Hi Rebecca and welcome to rcs! I'm Katrina in Kansas, smack dab in the middle of the US. I've been few and far between lately but it's good to come back and see some new "faces".
Katrina in KS
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Welcome to RCS Rebecca! I'm Deb, and I'm in the US. It's great to have another UK member! You've found a great group of scrappers here, and a very friendly online group, too. :-)
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Deb in AR

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