hello all

Hello all,. I'm new to the group and I wanted to say hi to everyone in
the group. I am in WV, and I enjoy knitting and crocheting. I've been
crocheting and knitting since I was 8. Currently I'm working on a
felted remote control holder and I've been making dice bags/gift bags
with some single skeins that I have in my stash. If you want to chat
about what you're working on, feel free to email or post to this
thread. Thanks.
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Hello Back jlwalker I am Mirjam a fiberartist , just now working on several art projects [ on loom in embroidery and knitting and ,,,,, sewing my own clothes , bags etc,,,, [lately turned older skirts into cushion covers ] and am now in last preparations to co -curating an exhibition about Knitting in SEAMGALLERY , Megadim, Israel , mirjam
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Mirjam Bruck-Cohen
On Jul 25, 3:18 pm, " snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com" wrote:
Do you have any pictures online of your work we can admire?
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Vintage Purls
I will work on posting some pics on my blog. I've been pretty bad about taking pictures of what I make before I give them away, but I'll work on that and post when I get it done.
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