Hi All

I'm still lurking but wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes.
I take back all the bad thoughts and comments about larry. He has
been wonderful. I've learned I can count on him in a crunch. He
gives a mean sponge bath and makes all the confort foods a girl would
It may be 100 degrees out but I'm freezing but that is expected. Off
to another sitz bath which I can't for the life of me figure out why
this is a good thing. LOL
the stiches comeout tomoroow (tuesday).
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It's good to "see" you Kate. Hopefully once the stitches are out things will start feeling better! Glad Larry is taking such good care of you! I knew he was a keeper when I met you in the dinner at the New Yorker. You guys just go together!
Big hugs, M-C
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Glad to hear that everything went well for you. A sitz bath is used for both cleansing and healing. The warm water causes an increased blood flow to the area which helps the healing process.
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Scout Lady
Glad to see you doing better! Larry definately sounds like a keeper with all the wonderful things you say about him and the fact that he's taking such good care of you. :-)
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Deb in AR
I am ssssooooo sorry that I have been MIA, ok tied up and preoccupied but I sure hpe you are doig, feeling an BEING much better!!!
Geesh no wonder poor Larry has been in the doghouse and on your list so much LOL!!! I had to bust out loud when I read your thread last week explaining the situstion.
I can not even imagine all the discomfort you had with my probelms.
So here is a big ole ((((HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGG!!!)) oh sorry EASY one and of course prayer and specal thoughts for you!!
OKC Dave
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OKC Dave

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