Hi all

Hi Everybody
Just wanted to let all know, that I'm still around, and plan to join the
group again pretty soon. Just had quite a lot on my plate the past two
months, but there appear to be light at the end of the tunnel.
M-C told be that there have been posts for me, but I have not read the group
for quite a while - so no, I'm not ignoring any one!
Hope all is well and having a great time - will so ya all soon!
Love ya all and huge hugz
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Judy SA
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I am really happy to see you!! I miss seeing you work and lively posts.
Hope things are getting back to normal, believe me, we all in here know that LIFE interferes at times, but we tend to be drawn back here to "FAMILY".
((BIG HUG!))
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OKC Dave
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OKC Dave
Glad to hear all's well down in the other hemisphere!
My turning-85-while-he's-here father arrives Wednesday for 2 weeks. Yikes! And he's not the type to take it easy while visiting. He wants projects to work on. He's decided that his big project for this trip will be a much needed storage spage in my parking area. Unfortunately, the back wall's not flat, so it's not as simple as building a large box with shelves. Am trying to find someone to help him so it'll keep him busy a day or two while I'm at work.As usual, I anticipate needing a vacation when he leaves. He has enough energy for 2 people half his age.
Hey, Judy. Tigger hit the "20" milestone last month. He has enough energy sometimes for 4 cats half his age. LOL!
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