Hi all!!!

Hi everyone. I am not lost! (any more at least)
Well, I have had a very busy Sept. Between a very heavy work load (final
tax deadlines) and my sister getting married this past weekend I haven't had
a chance to check in on the newsgroup. Hopefully I will have a chance to
catch up on all the post this week.
Good to be back. I have missed you guys.
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I don't think we have met but I am Sonja (Soni) in NV. Glad that you are back.
Soni in NV
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Thanks everyone! It is good to be back.
You guys were sure chatty while I was gone. Lots o messages. That is a good thing not a bad thing!
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I sent you a really touching thankful email after I got home from that long trip and opened your package. You didn't get it? Anyhow I truly loved the FIRST picture os us before I took my shower. I looked ok in it - LOL!! It was the one you set the camera timer on.
Anyhow I am glad to be back amongst ALL ya'll enablers, motivatots and special peopel!!!
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OKC Dave
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OKC Dave

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