Hi everyone,
I am SOOOOOOOOO sorry I havn't been around in the past few months. As
most of you know I started working at Wal-Mart in November. About 2
weeks ago I left and accepted a new full time job, however, just this
morning I lost that job, but on the upside, I am going back to Wal-
Mart. So I really won't lose anything. I hope to hear from you all
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Hey Ang! I'm glad that you don't have to go without a job Sounds like you've been busy wih all the changes. Here is hoping you get here more often, though I must admit that with the knee surgery and all, I've been spending less time in front of a computer!
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Hi Ang,
I'm glad your tennis match of employment has you back at Wal-Mart which I assume isn't where you want to be but will make due. Especially since gas is hovering around $3.29 a gallon (at least thats what I paid and it was the cheapest.) :(
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Hey Ang, glad to see you back and at least keeping a head above it all!!! Soner or later something you WANT or that NEEDS you will come along. Just when, well I wish I could answer that meself!!! I am having my own dilemnas (msp) now too. I just think that every job has it's ups and downs.
OKC Dave
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OKC Dave
I'm sorry about you losing your job, but at least you were able to find another one. Hopefully your dream job will find you soon!
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Deb in AR
I'm sorry to hear you lost that job, however you do have a job, albet one you might not like. I'm glad Wal-Mart took you back. Hope we see you around more. Have you had a bit of time to scrap? Hopefully you'll be able to spend a little time catching up with us, we miss you!
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Thanks everyone for replying. I have been very busy lately.My grandmother passed earlier this week and had the funeral yesterday so it has bee rough. Sorry I can't spend more time posting today, but I'm a bit tired.
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Angela, My sympathies to you and your family for your grandmother. Definitely take time to rest. Hope life smooths out for you soon.

-- Amy L.
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Amy in Springboro

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