HI All!

Hi all, just checking in!
I don't post much lately, but I think of you all quite often. I did
some serious charity quilting lately last week and into the weekend
and am letting my sewing machine rest for a bit. :) Feels good doing
good for others. :) Have my monthly guild meeting tonight. I love my
guild! If you don't belong to one go find one. They are the best!
Anyhow...back to work! Hope all of you are just quilting up a storm!
Melissa in NJ
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Melissa in NJ
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Ah Melissa! It is so good to see you! I've been working on cutting up my scraps that I'll never use into squares for charity quilts....so I understand that great feeling! It's wonderful to know you are still around - but you really must come by more often if you can!
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Well, why NOT a check in. I was working on getting all my closets straightened out for the new season, and today I decided I was close enough to completion that I would start a few stitch on that star quilt the blue one as that what grandson Jesse wants for his very own. I found out "I like hand stitching" I always have and the back didn't hurt any more after an hour that it does when I sit here and proof read on that third book of mine. So tomorrow I will go to my quilt room twice and see how doing one hour twice a day stacks up.
Rhoda snipped-for-privacy@att.net
On 8 May 2007 09:53:08 -0700, Melissa in NJ wrote:
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