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Hi everyone :)
I'm so glad I found this newsgroup! I've been scrapbooking for about 4
years. I have completed 3 albums and am working on my fourth. I have
about 20 years of pictures to scrap. Motivation is a problem because I
don't have a dedicated area to scrap. Right now everything is all over
the diningroom table so has to be cleared each afternoon in order to eat.
I have a Sizzix die machine so am eyeing up the sizzilets. I'm
interested in reading more about this product. Other equipment I have
include: fiskars rotary cutter, fiskars shape cutters, fancy cut
sissors, multiple punches, eyelet tools, a small collection of stamps,
xyron both large and small, and likely stuff I don't even know I have.
Most of the new photos are digital and I'm learning how to tweak them as
well as print custom papers and titles. I finally bought scrapbooking
software but I'm not sure if I will use actual pictures in it for fear
of the results looking too flat. If anything it will be great for ideas
and titles.
This current album is focusing on the fun we had in 2005. It seems to
be slow going but then a couple of days I've been able to finish 6
pages. First I had printer problems. I guess those heads really do
need to be cleaned. Then the computer crashed so I spent a couple of
days getting to know Apple Support. Hopefully now I'm good to go for a
little bit.
Anyway, I thought I would say hi. I look forward to reading and
learning about scrapbooking here.
PS. I haven't been able to properly set an eyelet yet :( Brads are
always dependable but I'd like to be able to use eyelets as well.
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Scrappin' Away
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Hi and welcome here! Jump right in whenever you feel like it! We're a friendly bunch! Where are you from? like my signature says I'm from Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan more specifically.I have been scrapbooking seriously for about 8 years and I LOVE it! Check out the groups website at:
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Welcome to our group. We are a very talkative, helpful bunch of scrappers.
I have been scrapping for about 3 years. Like you I scrap at my dining room table, but we don't eat there anymore. Luckily my hubby and daughter don't mind TV trays! I have a couple of travel albums completed, but usually I just scrap whatever pictures motivate me at the time. I have the Sizzix machine and love it.
What is the trouble you are having with eyelets? Sometimes those little things can be a pain. I like using brads much better.
Hope you can share some of your work with us.
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Lucky you. I have to clear the dining room tables to be able to eat that night although DH doesn't mind using tv tables a couple of times a week. My Sizzix was a gift along with a few dies so I've been focusing on buying more dies.
I have no idea what the problem with eyelets is. I have the right tools and have checked my technique several times. I thought I might be hitting the eyelet too hard to set but that didn't end up being the problem. Then I thought the actual eyelet might be a problem but I don't think so. Brads are so much easier and I know I'm not going to ruin the page but I sure would like to be able to use eyelets! I love the look so maybe I just need to keep trying.
I hope so too :)
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Scrappin' Away
Hello there and welcome to the MOST ADDICTIVE group, erp, hobby in the world!! I am one of the few admitted male picture placers out there and have been in the group since summer of 2002 think!
So jump in, ask away and be forewarned!! LOL!
80 for 06 1 card
OKC Dave
Check out my pix and crafts!
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OKC Dave
Welcome!! Sounds like you are well on your way to doing loads of albums!! I know you will enjoy the group so much. We would love for you to share some of your LO's. Where are you from?
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Just a thought on the eyelet problem. I found when I have problems getting my eyelets to set correctly I have to check to see how "firm" the surface is that I'm using. I can't set them on my portable table, nor the wooden tv tray. I have to use either my solid wood desk or the countertop in the kitchen.
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Very good point Kenda. I have plastic folding table though quite big I can't set eyelets or rubber stamp on it. It has too much give.
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King's Crown
Sadly Lynne, I mutilated a number of eyelets and ruined more than a few LO's before I figured out what the problem was! Ah well, live and learn! LOL
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Welcome to the NG, what is your name and where are you from? I'm sure you will gain much inspiration from this group of talented scrappers :o)
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Hi there and welcome to rcs! You've come to the best place for good company and plenty of chatter about scrapbooking and anything else that relates. A lot of us enjoy using our supplies on other projects and sharing them too.
Katrina in KS
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Hello and welcome! You will find we are very friendly, very helpful, and very enabling when it comes to scrapping supply sales! :-) I occasionally had problems with my eyelets too. Some are softer than others. I have the Silent Setter, and the ol' hammer and setter too. Some of the harder eyelets I cant set with the Silent Setter. Good thing I kept the others! :-) Good Luck on getting that setting technique down pat, and we look forward to seeing some of your work!
Linda C Illinois
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Hi and Welcome to the group! I don't get online as much as usual lately but try to stay in touch. I must have my fix of RCS. You will find it hard to stay away once you get to know everybody. I have been scrapbooking the right way for six years now and have been on this group for five. I think 2006 is already being a humdinger of a year and we should all have a lot of scrapping to do.
Hugs, Sabrina
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