Homemade Mesh!

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Homemade Mesh!
To make your own mesh, use wall repair tape (get it at the hardware
store). It's sticky on one side, and you can use that stickiness to
attach embossing powder or glitter. Here, I used embossing powder on
the non-sticky side, then
embossed to get a full, rich color. It makes a GREAT new and
interesting background for your stamps - especially the "stitched" and/
or rustic types of stamps.
Magic Mesh is a self-adhesive, repositionable, decorative mesh for use
on stamp art, memory album pages or
for general crafting. It is acid-neutral, photo safe and non-toxic.
* Cut it, emboss it, layer it, stick it, punch it, stencil it, glitter
it, color it, weave it, laminate it, tie it, die-cut
it, wrap it, airbrush it, collage it!
Use it on....cards, memory albums, stationery, gift wrap, jewelry,
invitations, party favors, bookmarks,
kids crafts, gift bags and tags, decorations, home decor, paper
art, journals...if you can craft it, you can
use Magic Mesh with it!
* Use for straight, even, adorable lettering. Do block lettering,
coloring even squares or cross stitch any
style lettering with simple x's in block letter formations. Remove
and re-use mesh!
Weave a strip of cloth, yarn, ribbon or wire through the mesh to add
depth and dimension.
* Use as a guide for drying and arranging flowers.
Create symmertically even backgrounds. Place Magic Mesh on stock and
dot glue, chalk or markers
into evenly spaced squares. Remove, sprinkle glitter, tap and
* Etch or decorate glass through it!
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I've heard about this before. I just haven't gone to find the stuff. I wasn't sure if it's acid free and all that, but according to the website, it is. I just might have to go find it now. LOL
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Deb in AR
I kind of wondered about that myself, Deb, whether it was acid free or not. Might be worth investigating! Linda
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Linda C
My DH used some to fix a wall that had been damaged by termites (long story) when we rented. I took the rest of the mesh. I use it, just not anywhere there are pictures.
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