I'm home too!

I had a blast! Meeting everyone was so great and the Dave surprise really was. After M-C opened his package I really was resolved that he wouldn't be able to make it. Oh man, and that Craig sure can cook. We were well fed. Myself in particular. He treated me to a special treat, boiled peanuts. Mmmmm they're good! The ladies at the barn took such special care to wait on us also. We really were pampered.
I also want to say that I'm sure glad Lynne needed a ride to the airport. It was a great opportunty to get to know her better and after I dropped her off I went to the race track. I'd have stayed at the barn all morning and missed out on all the fun I had there. I didn't leave Indy until 1:30 (their time). They've already started doing 500 activities. I got to see the whole track, museum and watch some cars run. You all know I'm a big race fan and actually being inside this track and seeing, and especially hearing the cars (I love that sound) was so exciting. I was there nearly three hours and had to make myself leave. After all, my goal was to be home in time for 24. By gaining my hour back I made it. It took me exactly 7 hours from Speedway, IN to Gardner, KS. I had time to unload the car before settling into the couch.
We did book next year too. only a week earlier so that our Kentucky gals can make it up. Even if for only a day. I know it seems like a lot of money for some but really if you start saving now you have a whole year to plan for it. Lynne made the comment, which completely echos my feelings, that it's more about meeting and getting to know each other than it is getting lo's done. M-C is planning to get something organized in Florida once she's settled in. It really is worth taking the time for yourself and getting away. On that note I'll sign off. I've been long winded enough.
Katrina in KS
PS: I did self appoint myself the "getting the least amount done while actually trying to get something done" award. I managed to get one lo completed and three others worked on.
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Katrina Im glad you made it home safe! It was really nice meeting you. I wish I had been able to spend more time talking with everyone. I am also glad to hear you made a visit to the track! I have been there twice, and it was really cool, but when we went, there weren't any cars running.Did you watch the movie that they had in the museum? I did get to take the track tour, where the tour bus actually drives around the whole track. You can even see the row of original bricks at the finish line! When my sis went, she wanted to get out of the bus and 'kiss the bricks"! LOL(for those of you who dont know what that means, its a tradition at the track for winners to do that)
I can hardly wait until next year! Linda
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Linda C

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