Maya's 5X7 Baby Album

Just finished scanning the pages I've finished
and getting them into a yahoo album at
formatting link
Found one mistake I need to fix (wrong weight) and a minor warning--there's some pictures of Maya nursing but you can't see any 'naughty bits' so hopefully no one will be offended! :-)
I've ordered some more pages from a CM rep, 'cause
I've got several pages more of pictures I'd like
to include, as well as the card that was in Maya's
bassinet, the little hat she's wearing, and the
bow from her first professional picture at the
beginning of the album (my DH calls it the
"Cha Cha Cha" picture" :-).
Let me know what y'all think!
Carolyne in TX
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Thats a really nice little book Carolyne! You had a lot of neat ideas on your pages!
I was asked to make one for my friend, so she could have a special "bragbook" for her new grandson, instead of buying a gift for the baby(they had so many gifts when he was born). I was happy to oblige! It turned out real cute. Congratulations again! Linda C
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Linda C
Thanks, Linda! :-) I think it's a great idea for the baby who has everything! I wish someone had given us one when Maya was born, but then again, I like reliving all the joy all over again! :*)
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