My work.

How do I show my work, should I post it on my website and post the link, or
is there a person i should send it to?
I have to pages I dont know how else to embelish! I took pictures, but I
need some help!
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Marie, most of us use Webshots, Picturetrail or Yahoo for our own work but I expect you could use your own webspace and post a link in your signature. The LO's posted on the NG website are the Monthly Challenges etc. we undertake and there is good information on the website regarding the process for those. I am sure that M-C will fill in any gaps for you.
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Most share their work via Webshots, Yahoo Pictures, Picture Trail, or their own personal website. I see that you have your own home webpage, so I am sure you could post your work to that site. Just list the link in your signature line and let us know when you did something new. Hope to see your work soon.
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Marie, what about something like Jolee's Bathtime stickers featuring a robe, face flannel, soap-on-a-rope and towelling slippers. Here is a link:
formatting link
For your beach theme you need something like shells, perhaps shell buttons, starfish, octopus die-cuts...something along those lines. Link again:
formatting link
Other LO's and Album Cover are lovely and your pictures of your kids are just adorable. Had a look earlier...before you posted the link to your pages :o)
HTH, Marilyn
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Hi Marie,
First let me say that I love what you've done with the beach LO. The chalking is very pretty and I love the way you set the boys on the sand.
Frankly, I think the only thing that each of them needs, and it's a really cheap solution, is a little journalling either handwritten or typed, centered in the empty space!
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You're layouts are lovely Marie! The only thing I would add is some journaling in your empty space. I love how you've put your boys "in" the sand! And your'e chalking on the beach layout is wonderful. I never would have guessed it was chalking! It looks like a patterened paper!
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Deb in AR
Well with all of my pages, I still haven't journaled. I was waiting till the end. I don't know if I should hand write or type, the few that are complete will be handwritten seeing that they are already placed, but the beach and bathtime ones could be either or. But I know the journaling is needed, with the Benjamin page, I have the two blocks set up for journaling, and the Matthew page has the same thing, also the lily page. I guess I get carried away with setting the pages up, that I don't want to take the time to write stuff out. It was funny how all of you noticed I had no journaling, lol, I just haven't finished that part
Thanks for the tips, I am heading to the Stamp store soon, Have to pick up some papers, and some stickers~ Also I want to buy some Calligraphy pens, any recommendations? I will post the finished pages when I am finished!
Thanks for the encouraging comments~~!
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Love your work Marie! On the page with the baby and the bubbles, Maybe in your bare spot,do your journaling on a big bubble ? Great looking kiddos ,too.
Hugs, Sabrina in Kentucky
a good friend is a life long treasure
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I think either handwritten or typed journalling will work. I have done all of my journaling by hand so far. Sometimes I use Stencils to give it a more even feel. I am currently working on a layout that will have typed journalling because I want to try some new fonts. I think typed journaling can be more formal also. I guess this is a long winded way of saying it depends on what technique you want to try and what feel you want for the pages.
I think your pages are great. They are going to be a great way to remember those moments.
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Marie, those two LO's look great so far! I'm missing titles and some journaling perhaps :)
Judy, SA
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I used to have a nice handwriting, but after years of having to take telephone many requests for copies of birth and death certificates, my handwriting as deteriorated badly. I also have arthritis, which sometimes makes it difficult to write neatly. Consequently, I love using my computer for journaling. For my mother's scrapbook (finished!), I used Comic Sans MS 12. It doesn't look like a typical font, so it's not "boring." Also, because I wanted this to be readable (Mom is 83 and has macular degeneration), I didn't want it to be too funky.
I've also just received a CD of fonts, which I need to take a look at. And, if any of you have Lucida Handwriting, that's a nice font. Unfortunately, that font no longer comes standard with Word - and I miss it. I think my mother has it in her Word; I gave her my computer buying a new one a couple of years ago. I've noticed that font is no longer available in the Word program at work, too.
Arliss (in snowy Bismarck. Winter has finally arrived.)
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