Problems with stamping

i try and i try and i always get some slight boarder or small line with
my stamping images..i try not to roll the stamp and i just press
straight down but i seem to keep smudging or getting a border which
doesnt look can i stop doing this.?
any advice will be appreciated.
when i stamp my ink pad it gets on the edges and if i just use the small
square ones i cant get enough ink on the image so it seems like im doing
something wrong..
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chatty cathy
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Use an exacto knife to cut to the very edge of your stamp, that should help solve the problem--just heard this tip the other night at a Stampin' Up party.
HTH! Carolyne in TX
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If the border of the stamp is fairly large I have cut the border with an exacto knife. Otherwise after I ink the stamp I just make sure to wipe off the edges with a baby wipe or paper towel then stamp. If you are using a quick drying ink then I usually huff (breath on it) before I stamp the image to add a little moisture.
HTH! --Tammy
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Tammy in TX
thanks for the tips i will try them all..first off the cutting off the extra rubber sounds the best..i will let you know.. thanks all. cathy
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chatty cathy

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