stamping candles

This is a project my mom and I did; the idea was from one of Mom's
stamping buddies. It's easy and elegant. We made some candles for my
cousin's wedding shower, and everyone loved them!
Candles - (pillar preferred - use a candle that won't melt all the way
through. don't use pillars or votives, for instance, or the
tissue paper will catch fire - ask how I know!)
Tissue paper (white works, but color that matches candle is even better)
Stamp of your choice
Ink (darker colors seem to work better - just experiment!)
Waxed paper
Heat gun
Scrap paper
1) Place tissue paper on top of scrap paper (because ink will bleed
through the tissue). Stamp image onto tissue paper.
2) Cut image out of tissue paper (doesn't have to be perfect, but try to
get fairly close to the image).
3) Place image on candle in desired position. Wrap waxed paper around
candle, making sure image is smooth beneath the waxed paper. Hold the
waxed paper in back of the candle so that it is tight in front, where
the image is.
4) Use a heat gun to heat the image. You will see the image/tissue
paper "melt" into the candle. Be careful to not overheat.
5) Carefully but quickly remove the waxed paper (before the candle cools
too much and the waxed paper sticks to it).
You can reuse the waxed paper a couple of times, but it gets too
wrinkled after 2-3 uses and is hard to get smooth around the image.
Don't be stingy with your waxed paper for this project!
Also, images that wrap more than about half way around the candle are
much harder to work with.
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Barbara Hass
This is very simple and pretty. I did it with my 3rd and 4th graders to give to mom for Christmas. They turned out great. We did an all over evergreen design, so there was no cutting out
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Jeanne Burton
I was looking through this website, and came across this on candle stamping. Hopefully this will inspire those of us who haven't tried it to experiment :)
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Jeannette Marsala

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