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OT: Crafty food
This is what I've been doing. Making sugar skulls for son's "Dia de los Muertos" celebration in his Spanish class. It was fun molding the sugar and then decorating with royal frosting. Lynne Very cool...
13 years ago 12
Is fabric acid free?
I was thinking it might be fun to glue some fabric down to card stock and use that as a background, but is fabric usually acid free/lignin free or not? If it's not, will washing it first make it safe?...
13 years ago 12
AD: 992 Rubber Stamp Stores now listed
Hi! I just finished the November update and there are now 992 rubber stamp stores listed (same number as last month, some additions, some deletions). Most of these stores also carry scrapbooking...
13 years ago
OT: Upcoming FOR SURE Trips
Well the 16th I am on the way to SLC and the biggie, Seatlle for New Years. Yippee!! Actually the show there is New Years Eve at Bremerton. When I find out details i will let you know. Maybe can plan...
13 years ago
Aww...another SS ecard
Thank you SS, whomever you are. You're obviously very sweet for thinking of me! (Of course, taht really narrows it down...everybody is just really mean here. LOL) The uplifting card was wonderful...
13 years ago
Re: heat embossing
On Tue, 7 Nov 2006 18:34:26 +0000 (UTC), "Lori" wrote: I don't know about an oven... but if you hold the sheet above your toaster you can emboss it that way - your fingers will tend to get a bit...
13 years ago
Christmas cards online
Here are the thirty-odd christmas cards I've made so far this year... I'm trying to get by as simply as possible, so a lot of them are being 'recycled' from old cards - I cut out the pictures with my...
13 years ago 7
AD: rubber stamps 1/2 price sale
1/2 PRICE individual unmounted stamps. Hurry, only good through Nov. 12th!!!
13 years ago
Prayers and positive thoughts would be welcome!
Well tomorrow they are working on my right hand so hopefully things will go as well as they did for the left. Although my left hand is still weak, this was the best time to get the other hand done. It...
13 years ago 20
2 more Vegas LOs
Here is a double page LO I just barely finished. More for the holiday album, I think this thing might be a foot thick, Im not even close to done the huge pile of pics I have? How many refills can you...
13 years ago 8
Free Thanksgiving Page Title
Not sure if this has been searched before. Below is a link to a free Thanksgiving Page title that you can print. They are simple designs but you crafty ladies/gent can always jazz them up. Hope...
13 years ago
ot: great b-day present
well, my FIL hit the mark with my b-day. i got a cordless drill (which i've needed for my altering), drill bits and a soldering gun!! MIL took me out to lunch at red lobster. DH is still out of town,...
13 years ago 10
Journaling Tips...Help!!!.
I really am uncomfortable with journaling. I don't know if it is because I think it might sound weird... or if I don't like my writing. I see some lo's with computer written journaling, but I am not...
13 years ago 14
AD: Let me know if you want EZ-Mount Stuff
I'm ordering from and offering regulars 25% off and actual shipping charges. I will be ordering the 8.5x11 not the bigger format. Otherwise as long as it can be ordered by the unit, I'm willing to get...
13 years ago
What Scrapbooking Supplies Do you Want For Christmas?
I am thinking of asking dh for a cuttle bug and maybe some shelving for my "space". I will probably change my mind a dozen times before then....I can be such a big kid. Some of my LO's..... Kim I...
13 years ago 18