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My son and his wife Mare called this evening all bubbling
I'm gonna be a grandma. Yyyiiiipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AK in PA
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Awwww! Congratulations. Grandparenting is THE BEST! As the saying goes, if I'd know how great it was to be a grandmother, I'd have skipped parenthood altogether.
LizH (also in PA)
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Congrats, You'll love the state, it's the best! Juno, who's had lots of practice with 9 grands
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Wonderful! Congrats to all of you! How long do you have to get some baby projects sewn up?? ;)
Sharon H.
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Let's see if I can answer all these questions. Yes, this is my first. And if I catch their unspoken drift it might be the only one. They're about 5 weeks along which makes launch date early Feb08. Baby sewing?? You betcha!! Organic material-absolutely NO chemicals. Baby gear for bed room, diaper bag, curtains. My new serger will get a work out. Getting tapes/CDs of classical music and language(s). Pump that babys' brain up. My suggested (yes, suggested) list of names with why they are important in the family history.
Man, I better get started only 245 days! First I have to get some sleep to go to work tomorrow, night all, AK in PA
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We only managed to catch one... Luckily Little Sis got two, but all three of my mum's grands are boys!
Take a look at this stuff:
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this supplier: she's trying to get more Boy oriented prints and stuff in.
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based here in the UK, but they'll probably be happy to work out the tax/postage differences for you if you ask them.
Yay! It's love all the snazzy stuff you do for the babe!
Most important thing is mum and dad talking to the bump!
It would be nice if they included one important family name if they could. I and all my siblings have well-worn family names that we have made our own, and son James has too: James Joseph after both grandfathers! He only has my father's name first because when we tried them out, James Joseph was easier to say than Joseph James! :D Alan's dad was delighted either way, as was my mum. If we'd had a daughter, she'd have had all three grandma's names: Alexandrina after mum, Winifred after Alan's mum, and Audrey after his beloved stepmother, the only MiL I knew.
Oh, plenty of time! You don't want to make too many clothing items (except perhaps nappies!)until you know what flavour it is, and see how fast it grows! James only wore one outfit ONCE before growing out of it! I made stuff BIG after that!
Enjoy! :D :D :D
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Happy for you! My DS doesn't even have a close girlfriend so I have to be happy to sew for a grand-dog. Barbara in SC ..
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Bobbie Sews More
Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pictures of all baby stuff you're going to make.
My DD just turned 4 and she already picked out names for her twin daughters and twin sons :)
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REAL nappys (diapers) of the modern sort - no nappy pins - unless you really want to!
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Sarah Dale
Thanks for all the congrats!! I hope it's not the only one.
My son is one of a long line of non-talkers.
When George III was still friendly with the colonies he gave a man named William Penn a hefty chunk of land. Now, ol' Willy was (to his fathers chagrin) a Quaker instead of the Church of England. Willy invited the Quakers in Europe to emigrate to a land for a "great religious experiment". When he realized the Quakers weren't enough to make this land pay he invited others of dissenting faiths to come. And come we did. Left behind was both poverty and wealth just to come to a place where they wouldn't be persecuted for their faith. Praise the Lord for William Penn and Lorentz, a brave man who, with his family, left security and position for the perils of sea travel and a raw unknown world.
I love that man!
G,night, AK in PA
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