Anything on cross-stitch?

Is this a good group for questions on cross-stitch?
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Possibly, although this group is mostly devoted to "sewing" e.g.. garment, home dec, etc. there are people with many skills "here".
Are you interested in hand or machine embroidery? There is a group devoted to machine embroidery: alt.sewing.mach-embroider.
What is your question?
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BEI Design

rec.crafts.textiles.needlework is more active than this group, and probably has a higher percentage of hand embroiderers. The current thread is about beading, but I'm pretty sure that I've seen cross-stitch discussed.
On the other hand, this group contains a surprising amount of knowledge for its size.
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Joy Beeson
I've done lots of cross stitching over a few decades. It's one of the less challenging forms of embroidery IMO.
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