Brother/American Home Manual Needed

I just read the thread about a similar American Home manual request and
went to the website; unfortunately, the machine pictured appears to be
older than the model we discovered in our facility's linen room.
The machine in question is the heavy metal type in that blue/green
hospital scrub color. It has an American Home label on the front, but a
Brother Model C motor on the back. It has a sticker saying "Made in
Anyway, most of our problems are stemming from our inability to tell what
some of the different knobs do and how to make the knobs actually took a pair of pliers to adjust the stitch type this morning.
Thanks for any information or help!
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request and
appears to be
front, but a
"Made in
tell what
Probably needs a good cleaning and oiling on the inside.
I think the adage regarding "using more force than reasonably expected then something is wrong" may apply here. If a lever or button will not move without use of pliers then something needs to be adjusted/repaired/oiled etc...
the trickiest sewing machine buttons/knobs/levers i ever used only required two actions ... e.g push in and slide, push in and turn/twist, pull out and turn/twist etc...
If it is a rebranded brother then just look for the brother machine equivalent.
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