Custom Fabric Printing!!!

We shop and shop for that special fabric, but... haven't we all
wanted custom printed fabric? My older daughter sent me a link to
this site:
formatting link

DD is busily creating custom designs to have printed for some
kitchen valances, but she sent me a link to this stock design:
formatting link

Whoop! My younger daughter has those two Cavalier King Charles
Spaniels! After contacting the seller, and asking for a
modification (background color), I ordered some printed on faux
suede, and made a surprise for my younger DD's birthday:
formatting link
(top of the page)
I can see how this could become a whole 'nother obsession.
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BEI Design
Too nice , more fabric temptation. Lovely cushion by the way. I wouldn't have purple but then it's not for me so I am sure it will be well appreciated.
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Claire in France
That's what I fear.
This is the daughter who adores purple in all it permutations. Her wedding attendants gowns were purple, her engagement ring is a color-changing (bluish-to-purplish) sapphire, many of the aprons I have made her are purple, etc.
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BEI Design
You know it's against the alt.sewing rules to withhold cool new sewing-related links, right?
Bad Lizzy! Forty lashes with a tape measure. ;-D
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BEI Design

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