fabric for cushion case?

What type of fabric should I use to make a case for sofa cushions to keep
the cushions from getting dirty.
It would be nice if the cushion case can protect the cushions from liquid
spills. But I don't see how this is possible unless I use a sheet of
plastic. So, just protecting from light sweats is good enough.
The sofa has fabric upholstery (looks like very rough cotton) and has 3
identical seating cushions.
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I just use a twin sheet and fold it lengthwise and put it over the cushions. There are just the two of us and a small dog. I straighten it up every few days. Mostly we sit in the two recliner chairs. Barbara in SC
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"Bobbie Sews More" wrote...
Oh, YOU are Barbara Raper! Sorry, I wasn't sure if your replies to my e-mail account were spam (the family name, you know). Thanks for taking the trouble to write to me personally. And sorry, sometimes I'm a bit slow; you know, mechanical brain, needs a bit of oil now and then. ;-)
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