Fat quarters in four-packs

I clicked on Dharma's "new products" page, and found that they are now selling fat quarters in four-packs. Only fabrics that they also sell by the yard come in four-packs; the six fabrics that they don't sell by the yard are sold as singles.
Why would someone buy a four-pack of fat quarters instead of buying a yard for a dollar less?
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Joy Beeson
Presumably one of those strange people who likes buying lovely fabric, cutting it up into tiny bits and then reassembling it AKA The Patchworker who's work I always admire but can't quite see the sense of.
I know what you mean about the price / quantity question. I get irritated having thought I have found a good price for fabric online only to find the price represents 25cms of a metre length or a fat quarter.
Each to their own I guess.
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Claire in France

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