Garment Merchandising Software

A Management software for small size company in Garment, Fashion Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel Goods, Sporting Products, Timepieces, Sundries, Household Items, Home Textiles, Plastic Products and etc.
MerchanNet - Introduction
1. Objective. Provide an affordable price database software to Import & Export Company in Garment, Fashion Accessories, Household, Footwear, Toys, Timepiece, Home Textiles, Travel Goods, Sporting Goods, Electrical, Electronic and Sundries. By user friendly forms and departmental reports providing same functions and features of large scale database rather than using expensive database solution.
MerchanNet - Benefits
1. Improve efficiency - By saving of all your employee's time for at least 50%
2. Office automation - Preparing all information electronically and send through email
3. Paperless office - Since all information will be kept and maintain by the database. Copying and filing of document is not needed. Even sending the document is by means of electronics.
4. Save space - By occupying 25% less office space and rent due to less document box folder
5. Communication - By using database over internet, it save 80% on phone, fax bills.
6. Stationery - Office automation and paperless office will save up to 90% stationery cost.
7. Increase Gross Profit - Our analysis feature will help you moving towards high G.P. customers
8. Increase sales turnover - Our database helps you increase revenue by better job cost control, minimize risk, price structure analysis, timely delivery and sharply increase competitiveness with better price offer. As a result, strengthen your operation with more sales return. Better efficiency of employee will benefit the service on customer, hence high return on sales volume.
9. Risk management - The alert feature in the database helps management to track late shipment, late delivery of Raw materials, Trims, Parts, Accessories. G.P. alert will even inform management of low profit margin. Cash flow report will provide management a better scope on A/R & A/P level. Quality control audit will provide a better reference before placing an order.
10. Remote access - Customer is able to remote access the database in overseas or outside the office at anytime. This provide our user an instance access to all the data anytime they want. Could respond to any buyer's request or questions immediately, thus improve user's efficiency and effectiveness. It will maintain operation of your office even if bird flu, SARS gone outbreak.
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