Interfacing lycra?

I am making a shirt that is sheer lycra. I want to interface the body
with a fusible without losing the stretch features. The shirt will be
very blousing at all. Additionally, the color I need is
red. Is there a fusible that would work? If I cannot find something
with stretch, if I cut the interfacing on the bias would that work?
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Sounds like interlining rather than interfacing would be the way to go here.
Wendy Z
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Dear Cheryl,
Interfacing comes in black, white and natural. If the garment is to be sheer, you could use red organza or netting for the interfacing, or even a piece of red lace...
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Well, you've gotten some excellent suggestions but it might be a lot easier to find a sleek red lycra tank-style body suit to wear under the sheer shirt.
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What about using the same fabric as a sew-in interfacing/self lining? Provided of course you have extra to use. That way you keep the stretch and have an exact color match.
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Nick and Judy
Why would you interface Lycra, especially with a fusible? You would likely lose the stretch factor. If you just want to cover private body parts, how about an attached slip or lining instead in a flesh color or red?
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BEI Design
go to Look in their clearance(?) area. I think that's where I found it. They had plenty of red fusible knit interfacing. AK
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