which interfacing

Fabric is a totally sensuous chocolate brown silk with a scattered-squares
jacquard weave. It *crinkles* when you scrunch it. It's neither as slippery
or 'watery draping' as charmeuse.
Pattern is Vogue 9771, bias-cut top with a drapey thing in front.
There is a back-neck facing, cut on-grain. The instructions call for
fusible interfacing. I've got various flavors of fusible on hand, but the
notion of fusing to this silk gives me hives.
I've got silk organza, would that be too crisp? Any other suggestions?
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Liz S. Reynolds
Use the silk organza. Best way to tell if it's too crisp is to do a small test piece. If it's crisper than you want, cut a generous portion of the organza (more than enough to do your project) serge the edges and toss it in the washer. It will soften up a little bit. Don't expect a huge change.
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Dear Liz,
There are two types of fusible interfacing that you can use on your silk. One is a woven called Whisper Soft; the other is Fusi-Knit, a jersey fusible that I use for just about everything except my tailored garments. Either will give the control you need without giving you hives.....
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