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Just out of curiosity, do you have a preference for fusible or sew-in interfacing, or does it vary with fabric choice and project?
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It varies with the fabric and project. Sometimes a perfect fusible is the way to go and sometimes a sew-in is the only option. Even with tailored projects it varies: For a good wool I'd hand tailor. Poly and poly blend suiting usually responds better to fusibles and speed tailoring. For light weight silk I often interface or interline with silk organza.
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Normally, I use the Pellon brand of which ever type I need since most of the time it is usually easy to find in stores like Jo-Ann's, Hancock's. I buy the one that, INMO, will be best for the fabric & pattern. Emily
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My first choice for most things is light-weight knit fusible. For sew-in, I use hair canvas, woven interfacing, silk organza, or non-woven depending on how much body I need/want, etc. and match the weight of the interfacing to the project. I also have a small supply of *very* light-weight non-woven fusible, but rarely use it. It is mostly "tape" for repairing/altering patterns.
I buy black and white knit fusibles at TSWLTH on a 50% coupon, and I buy full bolts or 10 yards, whichever they have. I always ask them to roll it back onto the board, that way it's easier to store.
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