Is there a place to sell non longer needed sewing accessories?

Is there a group or web address where I may be able to find a buyer
for an embroidery accessory I bought but no longer need? I recently
traded in my Janome and I have a hoop that I cannot use. It was
expensive, so I would like to sell it. I would like to know if there
is a user group or a web site that would be appropriate for this?
Also..any suggestions on what to be careful of.
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-- be sure to sell in person only and take cash only -- works best if you live in a well-populated area)
Ebay? Amazon? See if your local fabric store has a bulletin board?
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Samantha Hill - remove TRASH t
There is a yahoo group called Sew It's for Sale. It's all sewing things. The moderators are very careful with the group and there are rules about what you can and cannot sell. I have been very happy with every transaction I've had through the group.
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Sharon Hays
There is a Yahoo group called 'sewitsforsale' that is exactly for selling/buying sewing & embroidery related stuff.
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