Is this only about sewing?

well, we provide advice (as in the helpful hints I received about building a new wardrobe where everything could mix and match), but if you take a close look at the name, it IS "alt.SEWING"
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Yep, pretty much all about sewing. Sharing finished projects, posting questions & answers, troubleshooting problems, etc. :)
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Thank you so much for asking! No, we are about sewing, although in between subjects we might chat about other things. Think of it as an online sewing circle -- we might talk about other things sometimes, but we are all here to talk with other people who want to talk about sewing.
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Generally the main topic is sewing related but we may help one another out from time to time by lending an ear or offering support if they need in another way. We are a friendly helpful lot who share the art of sewing but also have other concerns in our lives sometimes which need a help or opinion and not everyone has someone they can talk to locally. Welcome on board if you decide to join Liz
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Liz Hall
Anything else in particular you'd like to see on this group? Were you looking for crocheting, cross-stitch, or something else?
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