Kenmore Convertible Sewing Machine Model 1785

Check with Ron Anderson, he is a regular contributor here and very helpful:
Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine 18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153
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e-mail: ron [at] a1sewingmachine [dot] com
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BEI Design
I think that's a machine that was made by Jaguar/Maruzen. If your local sewing machine repair shop can't get you one that will work, try Ron Anderson at A1 Sewing:
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He's been active in the machine sewing group "alt.sewing" for years, and has been generous with his knowledge. I hear he ships promptly.
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Kay Lancaster
Email me with the complete model number off the machine. Will look like 158.xxxx, 385.xxxx etc. I can probably supply it
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Ron Anderson
If you have read other questions during the past 2 or 3 days, you would have seen that you HAVE to list the model number and the serial number! Barbara in FL who DID list these ( not meaning to sound like a smarty )
What year manufactured
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