On-line source for basic batiste in various colors

I occasionally want some batiste in colors my local fabric stores
don't carry. Joann Fabrics stores (there aren't any near me)
sometimes have some in interesting colors, but they don't have
them available in their on-line store. All the other Usual (online)
Suspects only have batiste in white or off-white shades.
I've found a few specialty sites that list non-white batiste, but
are stores that only carry fancy "hand-made by 19-th
century Flemish grandmothers" fabrics that sell for more than
USD 10 per yard, and don't have much color variety, either.
Does anyone know of on-line source(s) for garden-variety
batiste (cotton or cotton/poly) in a variety of colors?
I'm also interested in cotton voile and/or lawn in a variety of
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Fabric Depot carries four colors:
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why not get white and dye it?
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