sewing today

For those of you who don`t know , Sunday is here a normal working
day , Saturday +Shabat is our rest day .
Ok thus this morning is planned to have a cleaning day .. + having
done some order [well ????? in fact i was looking for a certain
remnant for an applique and while looking for that found some
interesting pieces ,,, thus i can make some more cloth bags as
presents and bazzaar items,
I sew bags with two layer , make the handles long enough thus the bag
can be hung on one`s shoulders, and i make the handles wide and
soft ,,,
Sizes vary from Celluar size to a good deep 70 X 60 cm ,,
i also like making Apron Bags for handcrafter ,,
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Think nothing of it. I'm the worlds best mis speller. The key I want is always in the wrong place. Juno
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Juno B
My keyboard has two sets of letters Hebrew and Latin , and i have a fly in the eye ... so it happens ,,, and b & n are very good neighbours , they visit each other from time to time !!! mirjam
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